Just insert a Firewire or USB Cable into Tetherlock’s

cable channels.

Tighten TetherLock into place

by using the standard

1/4/20 Tripod thread mount found on the bottom of most digital camera bodies .

It’s easy to use TetherLock.


          works with all the

       Pro Camera Systems:

     Canon TM  / Nikon TM / PhaseOne TM

       Leaf TM  / Hasselblad TM  / Sinar TM

         Mamiya TM / Sony TM  / Leica TM

This totally redesigned version of the TetherLock, now has a new set of

unique cable channels.  This new design allows tethering cables to be

placed at almost any angle for both better cable connection support and

greater comfort when shooting.

The bottom of the mount has also been improved with a better gripping

base.  So Tripod heads with (quick release plates) will stay even more

firmly in-place.

TetherLock can be used with almost any type or brand of

Firewire or USB tethering cables.

And that’s it,  your

now ready to shoot Tethered !

Plug in the Firewire or USB cable end closest to the camera’s own cable port and then plug the other end of the cable into a computer.

A quick release plate can be mounted to the bottom of the TetherLock’s 1/4-20 female thread mount for quick table top or in-studio shooting, when using a tripod.

TetherLock, prevents a Cameras Tethering Ports from damage

and signal disconnection when used with any 135 mm and Medium- format digital camera system.

In fact TetherLock will pay for itself in its first use.

Now compared that to getting a very costly manufactures repair bill to fix the camera’s tethering port, if you didn’t use a TetherLock ?

Why should you use a Tetherlock ?

For more information on TetherLock, as well as purchase & wholesale inquires
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Please Note:   We try our very best to make TetherLock as compatible as possible with as many third-party accessories on the market today.  For example, Camera Brackets, TriPod Mounts,Firewire and USB cables.   But with such a large variety of  these products on the market, it’s impossible to ensure full compatibility with all.   For best results, we recommend using the original FireWire or USB cables that came packaged with your Digital Camera system when purchased.




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TetherLock  also works great when securing an HDMI cable to a DSLR.        

This makes the Ideal setup when shooting in (Video mode) with an

external (Live View) monitor attached.                               

DSLR with Video rig setup with attached external monitor

See and Read what the Pro’s are saying

about TetherLock !

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